Kilar Builder

Our story begins in 1935, in a village called Colônia Santana, in São José, in the Southern part of Brazil. It was there that Eugênio Raulino Koerich, with his entrepreneurial spirit, started a local trading store which would, in the future, become one of the largest chain store of Santa Catarina.

Over the years, this small venture has become the chain store Kilar – Furniture and Decoration, which used to be part of the Koerich Group. After 28 years on the furniture and home appliances segment, the group decided, in 2006, to focus its attention to the construction industry.

The strategy has worked very well and soon after Kilar became an important brand in the segment, in Santa Catarina. The secret to its success is the certainty of constructing dreams and making life projects, offering complete safety and solidity to its customers, a trademark of Kilar.   

sala 21
Fazenda Sto Antonio
CEP 88104-732
São José
Santa Catarina
Phone 48 3034 5050 | 48 98409 6393